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If you're in the F&B business, you're probably always looking for innovative ways to improve your guests' experience and increase your revenue. Order & Pay at Table technology provides a brand new way of ordering and paying in your venue. Gone are the days when diners struggle to find a waiter in busy places to order and pay, or for your staff to go back and forth to enter orders and process checks, when they should be focusing more on the dining experience and upselling menu items. Let's find out more.

What is Order & Pay at Table?

As the name implies, Order & Pay at Table enables your diners to order and pay directly from the table by scanning a QR code with their phone. This is gaining popularity among restaurants of all types due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests' expectations have changed entirely, leading to a new kind of hospitality that embraces new technologies. Quick interactions and even faster checkouts have replaced long chats and even longer checkout processes — we're left wondering why this wasn't the standard before.

Why does Order & Pay at Table matter?

Beyond keeping guests and staff safe, an order and pay system has many benefits for on-premise dining. It helps increase profits, streamline operations, enable staff to provide better service, improve customer satisfaction, and the list goes on: Turn more tables If your diners don't have to wait to pay their check and your staff don't take trips back and forth to the POS terminal, tables will be clean and ready for the next guest faster. Some restaurants increased table turn by 40%, which increases revenue for the restaurant and boosts customer satisfaction as they get to their table more quickly. Improve order accuracy When you put customers in charge of their orders, you reduce the risk of forgetting an addition or substitution. This reduces the pressure on your staff and gives the customer confidence that they will get precisely what they ordered. Further, customers are not under pressure to place their order quickly, allowing them to browse your menu at their own pace. The more they read the menu, the more they order, which translates into a higher average amount per order. Free up staff Order & Pay-at-Table gives your staff more face-time with guests, therefore, a genuine focus on customers' needs. They're not running back and forth to enter orders and process checks anymore. They will make sure each customer enjoys a delightful dining experience, and they can even upsell some menu items. Increases loyalty These benefits trickle down the funnel into this crucial point ‚Äî building customer loyalty. A loyal customer base is the spine of any successful F&B business, and satisfied customers quickly become repeat customers. Order and Pay at Table enable you to collect valuable customer information to help you build this customer database and develop customer profiles, which ultimately translates into increased profits and revenue.

How does ChatFood's Order & Pay at table work?

Implementing Order & Pay at Table is a no-brainer; ChatFood is making it easy for you to set up and for your diners to use: 1- You create your digital menu and activate contactless dining from the ChatFood dashboard. 2- Send an email to to get your table-specific QR codes. Each QR code is uniquely associated with one of your tables. 3- You place QR codes on table tents or placemats for your diners to order directly from the table. 4- Your diners scan the QR code to view your menu, place an order, and make payments from their phone without any physical contact. 5- Orders are automatically sent to your kitchen for preparation via the POS. The best part? Our team will be with you every step in the way until you get your system up and running üôå

For tables and beyond!

ChatFood's Order & Pay solution was thoughtfully designed for hospitality and entertainment, which means it fits any use case  ‚Äî Restaurants, caf√©s, bakeries, cinemas, bars, pubs, hotel rooms, beach clubs, food courts, and anywhere you can place a QR code. Order & Pay at Table: let your customers order and re-order on their own. Increase customer spend 20-40% while creating efficiency and capturing valuable data. Order & Pay at Seat: place QR codes on armrests to drive more revenue and boost customer satisfaction. Allow your guests to have their orders delivered to their seats without queue. Perfect for cinemas, stadiums, and airports. Order & Pay at Room: improve orders accuracy by reducing the operational workload of manual phone orders and the errors they can cause. Order & Pay at Beach: no one wants to leave their beach chair to get food and drinks. Offer guests a convenient way to avoid having to do so. Order & Pay at Counter: burst queues & reduce waiting times. Increase your in-store sales by enabling customers to order from their phones and be notified when the order is ready for pickup. It's 2022, burst queues! These are just a few of the places where you can grow sales. It's time to think outside the traditional dining experience - the only limit is your imagination! Are you looking to try Order & Pay at Table for your business? Click here to get started for free. And if you have any questions about the above feature, please feel free to send an email to, and our team will be more than happy to assist you!

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